Historical Timeline of Woodland Presbyterian Church


1962 – Inquiry made to Presbytery on New Church Development Project.


1965 – Presbytery approved Woodland community interest survey.


1966 – First services held in YMCA building.

Bob Edmondson and Bill McAnlis served as volunteer organists.


1968 – Church officially chartered.

Synod New Church Development Board purchased five-acre church site, Gibson Road and Gary Way.


1971 – Church Services moved to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church parish hall.


1974 – Gibson Road church site sold.

$40,000 held in trust by Synod for future site.


1975 – Congregation affirmed need to find permanent housing solution.


1976 – Rental contract with Christian Church approved.

Formed Ad Hoc committee, Motivators of Sensible Environmental

      Selection (M.O.S.E.S.)

Options investigated: store fronts, converted Victorian home, house church, church construction, etc.

M.O.S.E.S., Inc., a non-profit corporation, formed with approval of session to purchase property and develop church site.


1977 – Joint ownership of Christian Church not open for discussion.


1978 – M .O.S.E.S., Inc. searched for three-acre sites in Woodland.

23.5 acres at W. Gibson Road & County Road 98 purchased within city sewer service line.

Received anonymous gift of $40,000 for church site.

Presbytery returned $40,000 held in trust form previous site.


1979 – Capital Fund Drive netted $131,075 in pledges.


1980 – M.O.S.E.S., Inc. began sale of approximately 20 of 23.5 acres.


1982 – First church-wide retreat, held at Camp Gualala.


1983 – William Streng purchased 20.5 acres for cash.


1984 – Site annexed to City of Woodland.

Ron Folsom hired as architect.

Building contracted to Lamon Construction Company.


1985 – Final map approved by City of Woodland.

Groundbreaking for new church facility.


1986 – Church building dedicated to the Lord’s use.

Name changed from United Presbyterian Church to Woodland Presbyterian Church.

Faceted glass windows commissioned and presented to the church.

Randall Druivenga began caring for the grounds.

Cathy Fleming served as Choir Director.


1993 – Service of Memory and Vision and installation of the time capsule.


1998 – Lenore Heinson was hired as Choir Director.


2001 – Garden fund established.


2002 – Eileen Jackson hired as Church Secretary.

Jeff Cooley hired as Youth Director.


2003 – New roof installed.

Bob Edmondson became “paid organist” after many years as “volunteer organist”.

New Rodgers organ installed as a memorial to William L. McAnlis.


2005 – Nursery renovation and renewal.

Gas fireplace insert installed in Fireside Room.

New carpet installed in Narthex, Fireside Room and Office.


2006 – Room 111 remodeled.

Redecorated Fireside Room with new chairs, paint and draperies.

Begin planning for Great Day Presbyterian Preschool.

Greg Cronin hired as Youth Director.

Lewis Rooker hired as Choral Director.

40th Anniversary Celebration


2007 – Great Day Preschool opens, led by Director Nancy Van Sant.


2008 - El Renuevo, a Spanish-speaking congregation, begins to worship in the sanctuary on Sunday afternoons


2015 – Adrian Mora hired as Choir Director.

Lenore Heinson begins Children’s Choir Ministry.


2016 – Ryan Johnson hired by the Yolo Youth Collective as Youth Minister to the youth of WPC, St. John’s UCC, Woodland Methodist, and St. Luke’s Episcopal.

Stained glass repairs in the sanctuary

50th Anniversary Celebration and 30th year at Columbia Drive.