Session Ministry Team Leaders

The Session members of Woodland Presbyterian Church, together with the pastor and deacons, are responcible for the spiritual development, health, and well being of the entire congregation, including its many operations and activities.  In order to meet these congregational leadership reponcibilities, the Sessions forms ministry teams, composed of WPC members and friends.  Each team is led by an active (i.e. currently serving) member of Session, or Ministry Team Leader. 

General Responsibilites:

  • The Ministry Team Leader provides overall guidance and strategic direction to the team
  • Recruits volunteers (WPC members and friends) to serve on the Ministry Team
  • Schedules and conduct Ministry Team Meetings, including establishing meeting agendas
  • Establishes Ministry Team goals, communicates program ideas and goals with WPC’s Session
  • Monitors team progress, develops and monitors the team’s approved budget, reports to Session regularly
Kathy Tucker, Clerk of Sessions

Kathy Tucker
Clerk of Session

Karin Cronin, Worship

Karen Cronin

Katie Churchill, Outreach

Katie Churchill

Sandy Richardson, Mission

Sandy Richardson

Christy Copley, Young Families

Christy Copley
Young Families & Young Adults

Sharon Stringer, Childhood Christian Education

Sharon Stringer
Childhood Christian Education

John Martin, Finance

John Martin

Mike Tucker, Buildings & Ground

Mike Tucker
Buildings & Grounds, Co-Chair