The deacons are here to serve those who are:

  • In need of transportation to get to worship or doctor appointments
  • Currently or recently hospitalized
  • Temporarily in need of hot meals at home
  • Cheered by a greeting card in the mail
  • Planning a memorial service reception

The deacons are grateful to have been called by God to serve.  They are elected by the congregation to serve a three-year term to care and serve individuals of the community.  The deacons are ordained for life.


Below are additional responsibilities of the WPC Deacons

Shepherd Groups – Each Deacon is assigned a list of members for whom they focus their care.

Communion – One Deacon is responsible for preparing communion on the first Sunday of the month and keeping count of those who received the Lord’s Supper

Nursing Home Ministry – On the second Sunday of each month, these members visit with the residents of Palm Gardens Assisted Living at 2:00p.m. and The Californian at 3:00p.m.. 

Ushering – The deacon serves as the coordinator for ushering, recruiting members of the church to assist with head ushering duties each week.

Kristina Norberg

Sue Lund
Shepherd Group #1

Cyndee Ruiz

Cyndee Ruiz
Shepherd Group #2

Marlene Hanson

Susan Silveira
Shepherd Group #3

Lori Grose

Suzi Hook
Shepherd Group #4

Nancy Van Sant


Carole Pirruccello

Carole Pirruccello
Shepherd Group #5

Penny LeRoy

Penny LeRoy
Shepherd Group #6

Sandi Erba

Sandi Erba
Shepherd Group #7