Woodland Presbyterian Church

Zephyr Family Camp/Retreat
July 12-14, 2024


Plan on joining us!

We have reserved 20 rooms for the weekend of July 12-14, 2024.  Please look at your calendars and consider making Zephyr a part of your 2024 summer plans. 

Retreat Expenses



Retreat Fee

$15/person (Age 18+)

Total Cost of Meals per person

Age 13+


Ages 4-12


Age 3 and below


As we roll into the new year, more details will be worked out.  If you already know you are going to be a part of the fun, go ahead and fill out the online enrollment form or you can request an enrollment form from the church office (Info@woodandpresbyterianchurch.org).  The table above gives you an idea of the cost.  Payment will not be due until June 2024.  WPC has scholarships available for those who need financial assistance.  Do not hesitate to ask.  The more the merrier.  The Silveiras are going to organize this event.  I am sure they would appreciate assistance in planning activities as the event nears. Reminders will show up in future issues of The Leaves.